Costa Rica is tourism at it's best. Costa Rica is ecology. Costa Rica is Nature.

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Information about Costa Rica
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Costa Rica is Central America's Jewel

Costa Rica has 50,660 square kilometers of land mass - that's just under the size of the state of West Virginia. The earth has 148,940,000 square km of land mass. So, Costa Rica has just 0.034% of the land mass of the Earth. It has, however, 6% of the biodiversity of the planet. With over 25% of the terrain in protected areas (National Parks, Conservation areas) you'll get to see up front the wonders of nature.

Diversity in climate and terrain make every venture in small Costa Rica a new experience. The mountain areas can be 40 degrees Fahrenheit while the costal regions average 85 - 95 degrees year round. The central valley averages around 75 degrees F. There are many types of forests - cloud forests, rain forests, dry forests, and transitional forests.